Monday, December 2, 2013

New website, new Zazzle store...lots of creative chaos

Another rather long update... working on multiple things, now that the three kids are at school. My husband gave me an early birthday/Christmas gift: an art box with oils, watercolors, pencils and markers. It will be put to good use, believe me.

Lately, I've been drawing on my iPad, using the Made By Paper app. I've gone through a disturbing number of styluses (styli?) in the past 4 months. The fickle weather hasn't been good to my hands this season. Swollen joints aren't conducive to oil painting or delicate sumi-e. So quick sketches on the iPad have been my modus operandi this fall.

In October, my drawing "Jnana" was featured in the Creative Risings event in New York.. It was held at the Exhibition space in Long Island City.I was so thrilled to be a part of that project!

My improved website has all the links to my e-books and on-line galleries here  "Snow Falling on Chimes", my second e-book of Japanese poetry is now available as a free PDF download (link under "PDF Downloads"). Have a look at my Zazzle Panel links directly to my art store. ( I'm adding new notecards, greeting cards and postcards every day, so check back often. Christmas is right around the corner!

What's on the agenda for the near future? More shots of espresso, more paintings, and more poetry to come. That is, if the holiday chaos doesn't get too chaotic...


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Not dead...just working on new projects. :-D

Yeah, I haven't been really good at keeping up to date, but I have a good excuse. Really I do.

I've been working on various creative projects. This on top of getting the kiddos ready for school (August 26 is D-Day. Two more weeks...two more weeks...), including clothes-shopping, going to various doctors (autistic kids + dentist. Oy.) and school supply shopping. Of course, the school system still hasn't let us know if Sarah is approved for pre-K or not, and they were supposed to tell us by 31 July. >.<

In the midst of all the chaos, here's a look ahead:

1) Designing two covers for two new poetry collections. "A Menu of Childhood Dreams" and "when the rain falls". The first is a collection of children's poetry. The second consists of poetry written while dealing with chronic illness.

2) Re-formatting all my work on Smashwords so it can also be available on Amazon, Kindle, Nook, etc.

3) Planning my entry for the #twitterartexhibit in Orlando. It will be a postcard-sized piece of art, and all profits will benefit the Special Needs Classes at The Center for Contemporary Dance. If you're interested, details are here. The curator is Robin Maria Pedrero.

So life has been really busy, but stay tuned for new developments!


Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

My 'Art Takes Paris' portfolio on See. me

New additions to my #Art Takes Paris portfolio on!

Stop on by and check it out! If you like what you see, please vote at the top of the page. Every one is much appreciated! Thanks!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Writer's Challenge. Tag you're it!

The rules... Go to Page 7, 70, or 170 of a current Work in Progress or recently published work and choose either the first complete paragraphs or 7 lines of dialogue to share. Paste it and tag 7 other authors to do the same...

Uh...if you want to try this, go ahead. (tag)


Here's from an unnamed WIP:

"Is he any good? Can he keep them in line?"

"He's a 6'4 former cop from Brooklyn. Shot twice and left for dead. And before all that, he was an Army Ranger. Iraq and Afghanistan. That good enough for you?"

J.T. blinked, blinked again. A slow smile passed over his face. "That'll work."

Ariadne shrugged and leaned back in her chair. He appreciated that no-nonsense attitude, but still shivered when she focused her sightless eyes upon him. For the first time, he wondered what she really saw through those sensory implants. Was he simply a computer-generated blur, with temperature shading and up-to-the-minute updates on his vital signs? Did she even know he was more than that?

"And he works for you now?"

"Not directly, not anymore. At the moment, he's across the pond, assisting Detective Inspector Rowan with a little problem."

"Domhail Rowan. I'm surprised he's still with Scotland Yard." At Ariadne's blank look, he added, "I mean, after that thing with the Sgian Dubh."

Black Knife. J.T knew he'd probably mispronounced the Scots Gaelic, but Ariadne understood it all the same. She gave him a knowing look.

"It would have been a shame if they'd sacked Rowan at the time. In any case, Rowan's the only one who can keep Major McGuire in line."

He raised his eyebrows as she added, "So far. I'm expecting that you and McGuire work together. not like each other. There's more at stake than your precious egos. If you don't get that now, it'll be the last thing you'll ever learn."

Monday, July 15, 2013

"Do Not Disturb" Sign

Do Not Disturb Sign
Copyright 2013 by A. Dameron

This was painted during the Story of Mum (#somum) Make Date.. They are held once a month (second Wednesday of the month). We chat through Twitter and make a creative item during the session. The group is based in the UK, but the members come from all over.

Check out more signs here and visit the Story of Mum homepage here

Friday, July 12, 2013

Check out my portfolio for 'Art in Paris' on

Check out my portfolio for 'Art in Paris' here: 

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