Monday, December 2, 2013

New website, new Zazzle store...lots of creative chaos

Another rather long update... working on multiple things, now that the three kids are at school. My husband gave me an early birthday/Christmas gift: an art box with oils, watercolors, pencils and markers. It will be put to good use, believe me.

Lately, I've been drawing on my iPad, using the Made By Paper app. I've gone through a disturbing number of styluses (styli?) in the past 4 months. The fickle weather hasn't been good to my hands this season. Swollen joints aren't conducive to oil painting or delicate sumi-e. So quick sketches on the iPad have been my modus operandi this fall.

In October, my drawing "Jnana" was featured in the Creative Risings event in New York.. It was held at the Exhibition space in Long Island City.I was so thrilled to be a part of that project!

My improved website has all the links to my e-books and on-line galleries here  "Snow Falling on Chimes", my second e-book of Japanese poetry is now available as a free PDF download (link under "PDF Downloads"). Have a look at my Zazzle Panel links directly to my art store. ( I'm adding new notecards, greeting cards and postcards every day, so check back often. Christmas is right around the corner!

What's on the agenda for the near future? More shots of espresso, more paintings, and more poetry to come. That is, if the holiday chaos doesn't get too chaotic...


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